Your life experience matters! Regardless of your education, background, job
path, if you want to gain the skills to earn a career in technology, CodeBoxx is for you. Inclusivity and diversity are important to us. We believe in your potential and know a career in technology can be transformational.

CodeBoxx is more than a boot camp. We take our students much deeper into the technical and human performance skills they need to be successful in tech. With proven educational methodologies, industry professionals teach learners the skills to adapt quickly and master up-to-date market-demanding curricula. We are focused on giving you the skills that will ensure you land a great and rewarding new career.
None! At CodeBoxx, we accept everyone! A registration reserves you a seat in the cohort and the enrollment process, although mandatory, is not disqualifying. The Genesis program, lasting 2 weeks, acts as the selection test. More details in the following article: CodeBoxx: How it works.
We cannot promise you will get a job after the completion of the course. Nobody can. However, by enrolling in our program you will have access to a deep network of our customers/partners. You will become part of a new community and we will guide you through the process, setting up interviews, introducing you to our partners, creating your resume, LinkedIn, Github and help you secure a job. We train you in effective career-building strategies so you can confidently start your job search as soon as (or even before!) you complete the program.
You can register by following the link below to the registration form. Absolutely! We do accept new students. Registrations for upcoming cohorts are open for all our campuses. In the registration form, when you choose your campus, you will be given different cohort options that you must choose. Here is a link to the registration form.
At CodeBoxx, you do not pay tuition fees until you are hired! Once you are hired, your tuition fees are calculated using a percentage (20%) of your first year gross salary. Once that amount is calculated, it is fixed, and you have 6 months without interest to repay it. You may also reimburse it on a longer period by contracting a personal loan with our partner financial institution. More details in the following article.